This picture shows a flock of around twenty young sheep, who are standing close together looking towards the camera. They are close to the corner of a field containing long green grass. In the background we can see a sheepdog lying on the ground, looking alert. Further back is another field where we can see a single sheep. The fields are bordered by dry stone walls and some fencings. We can also see lots of mature trees, and a glimpse of green hills in the background. The sky is blue, and the sunshine is highlighting the green grass and causing the sheep to cast shadows to the bottom right of the photo.

The future of our flock

Produced from grass, rain and sunshine our gimmer lambs that we keep as replacements for our breeding flock are always our favourites.

Each year hopefully improving and making a better flock.

The day before this Barney just slept all day.

An hour before he ran the flock out of a field, along the road and into the pens.

A minute before this the ewe thought she could boss Barney but she soon changed her mind.

Barney’s attitude, breeding and training make him the main man working with our sheep.

This photo shows a sheepdog and a sheep facing each other at close range. The sheepdog is facing left and takes up more of the frame. He is crouched low with his ears back, and looks strong and poised. Two sheep are facing him, the one in front looking down at the dog. Her right foot is pointed forward, and her ears are pointed towards the dog. Her right eye is visible and appears slightly narrowed. Behind the animals there is a section of grey brick wall, and a wooden gate with some greenery and a water butt behind it. Underfoot we can see trampled greenery that is becoming muddy.
This photo shows the top of a round fence post, which is covered with green moss. On top of the fence post is a brown cob nut, which is illuminated by the sun. It has a grey-brown circle on top, like a conker, and the rest of it looks silky in texture and is mostly a caramel colour with reddish tones. There is also a small bird poo on top of the fence post, and in the background we can see blurred undergrowth and branches, with the sunlight filtering through green leaves.

Growing biodiversity, admiring the cobnut harvest from the hedges we have planted.

Working with the sheep in summer in the lake District looking towards the fells. It’s a whole family job with a team of dogs and everyone helping.

We are vaccinating lambs dosing them with a wormer and minerals, marking them and foot bathing them. This all keeps them fit and healthy and thriving as they grow.

This photo shows a tightly-packed group of around twenty sheep and lambs, who are gathered in a corridor formed by a dry stone wall to the right, and fencing to the left. In the immediate foreground, we can see a sheepdog facing towards the sheep and away from the camera. The sheep are moving away from the camera towards a group of three people, who are using temporary fencing to select them in small groups. The three people are wearing sunglasses and clothing suitable for warm weather, and are all looking down, focused on their task. Behind them we can see a quad bike and some lambs who have already passed through the gate. We can also see a row of mature trees, and in the distance scenic green hills. There are picturesque grey and white clouds in the sky, and it appears to be bright and sunny.
This photo shows a large mature tree. The photographer is standing fairly close to the bottom of the tree, pointing the camera towards the branches. We can see the trunk of the tree in the bottom third of the photo, and in the top two thirds we see its branches spreading out, covered in green leaves. It appears to be sunny, and in some areas the sun is shining through the leaves, while in others the lower leaves appear well shaded.

Shade in summer, shelter from wind and rain, green leaves supporting loads of wildlife, a majestic non native tree that fits right into our landscape.

The Sycamore.

All photos on this page are © Garry Miller